Break the routine of taking photos on mobile phone.

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The epidemic has taken a turn for the better, office workers have come to work one after another, and student parties are eagerly looking forward to returning to school and resuming classes. a notebook that takes into account work, study, and entertainment is particularly important for everyone. However, for many computer "rookies", choosing a notebook is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is not easy to take into account the performance, configuration, after-sales service and price. Its appearance uses a narrow frame display screen, the vast video space, whether work or entertainment can get immersive viewing experience. With anti-glare coating, fog anti-glare coating can eliminate glare and reflection and bring more vivid visual experience. Equipped with key range for 1.4mm keyboard and integrated molding keyboard, bring a comfortable typing experience. Asustek Bel canto master sound technology combined with software and hardware to create a pure sound feast. With long-lasting battery life, with the help of Asustek's fast charging technology, about 60% of the electricity can be obtained in about 49 minutes.


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